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  • Collection Name: Black Collection
  • Style: Modern | Contemporary
  • Finish: Ceramic Handle + Alloy
  • Surface: primary color | brushed | has been treated with oxidation.
  • Pitch: Holes included screws
  • Uses: Drawers
  • Factory in China



  • Tên bộ sưu tập: Bộ sưu tập tay nắm đen
  • Phong cách: Hiện đại | Đương đại
  • Kết thúc: Chất liệu gốm + Nhôm
  • Bề mặt: màu cơ bản |chải |  đã được xử lý oxy hóa.
  • Pitch: Lỗ bao gồm ốc vít
  • Sử dụng: Ngăn kéo
  • Nhà máy tại Trung Quốc


HOSHI Ceramic Handle

GiáTừ 145.000₫
Chưa bao gồm Thuế
  • Goods ordered from 15-20 days after the shop received the deposit, the shop will notify you if the goods are sooner.
  • If Timeline was delayed because of some unregulated issues such as customs police, we will inform customers to make a suitable solution

  • If you order, please transfer 50% in advance.

  • For order items that are defective due to shipping process, you may consider and the shop will reduce the price depending on the level. If the goods cannot be used, the shop will refund the money to the customer.

  • Please contact us within 2 days of delivery.

  • The Price excluded shipping fee


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